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Medium :

Graphite, colored pencil, gouache on gessoed panel.

Size :

H 36” x W 48” unframed / H 37.25” x W 49.25” framed

Price :


About the Artist

Note: Pearlescent acrylic paint in this work can be seen as translucent
or reflective, depending on lighting. I am sending 2 photos of this; the
pearlescent paint is translucent in one and reflective in the other.
Laurie Yehia is an award-winning visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in private and public collections and museums. She studied painting, drawing, photography and printmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Stanford University, Wesleyan University (Connecticut), the School of Visual Arts (New York) and the Tom Wudl Studio (Los Angeles Arts District.) Her artwork is also informed by her legal training and practice (J.D., University of Southern California) and philosophies underlying her work in leadership development with Quantum Leadership Solutions. A founding co-chair of StudioEleven Artists, she co-curated its exhibits in its formative years. Yehia currently serves as Vice Chair of the Santa Monica Arts Commission and serves on its Media Arts and Public Art Committees.


* The copyrights of the above image belongs to the artist

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