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Deepa Subramanian is an Indian-American art gallerist and an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California, United States. She founded Galerie De'Arts, Bangalore, India in 2009, an art gallery of Indian Contemporary art.

She serves as the Arts Commissioner, City of Santa Monica, California 

She has worked with pioneering contemporary master artists from including Peter A. Lewis, Balan Nambiar , Yusuf Arakkal, S. G.Vasudev, N.Marishamachar, Late Appukuttan Achary, G.S.Shenoy, R.M.Hadapad, Late JMS Mani, Bhaskar Rao, Ramesh Rao, S.Krishnappa, S.S.Munoli, Chandranath Acharya, Ramdas Adyantaya, C.Chandrashekara, Chandranath Acharya, J.S.Khande Rao and more.

She has curated over 100 significant shows of contemporary master artists.

She is also a parallel entrepreneur in the Pharmaceutical industry and arts.

An extract of notable Curatorial Projects in India:

  1. 'Impalpable Expressions" by Gurudas Shenoy , May 2019

  2. "Monsoon Moods" by Milind Nayak, December 2017

  3. "Pioneering Contemporaries Karnataka' - a tribute to the

    legendary Late Yusuf Arakkal, May 2017 felicitated by the former

    Chief secretary (India) of Karnataka, Shri,Subash Chandra Khuntia

  4. "A tribute to Ramanujan" - by S. G.Vasudev on the anniversary ofA.K.Ramanujan page1image44201088

  1. "Black & White" by S. G. Vasudev & Jogen Chowdhury, The Riz Carlton, Bangalore January 2016

  2. "Fly like a bird: Birds in contemporary art” -by Rekha Hebbar Rao, April 2015

  3. "Poetry in colors" – a group show by V. Anamika, Anuradha Nalapat, Balan Nambiar Dimpy Menon C.Douglas, P.Gopinath, K.Muralidharan, Ravikumar Kashi, Rekha Hebbar Rao, Sultana Hasan, Sumana Chowdhury, S. G. Vasudev & Yusuf Arakkal Dec 2014

  4. "Of Masters and Heroes"- Art Camp by P.Gnana,A.Viswam, C.Dakshinamurthy, M.Jayakumar, R.Muralidharan curated by Vidhya Gnana Gouresan, Singapore, Co curated by Deepa Subramanian, December 2013

  5. "Of sounds and silences" by Raviram Ramakrishnan, August 2013

10.“Two to tango" a fundraiser for the Times Foundation, The Times

of India, Bangalore, April 2012
11.“Madras Musings” by Thotta Tharanni Mani M Mani P.Gnana

P.Gopinath at Art Bengaluru 2011
12.The Lotus Pond" by Milind Nayak in Nov 2011
13."The unfolding of the self" by Shan Re in Nov 2011
14."Magic of myriad colors" by Paresh Hazra Aditi Hazra at the Taj

West End, Bangalore in Nov 2012
15."Charcoal & Gold" by Paresh Hazra in Oct 2010
16."The many faces of India" at 1MG Lido Mall in 2015 17."Intelligence in the field " - by Surendra Kumar Sagar in Aug 2011 18."Holy cow" by P.Gnana in May 2011
19.“The moods” Shailaja Gidwani, Hong Kong, 2012
20.“Dreams & Realities” – Kazi Anirban, Apr, 2010
21.“The Zen state” by Shan Re, Dec 2009

Social and charitable causes:

1. 'Hear the bigger picture" - for the hearing impaired by the Cheshire Livelihood Resource Centre and the Times Foundation, The times of India, Bangalore] 2. "Two to tango" a fundraiser for education by the Times Foundation, Times of India

3. "Kala for Vidhya' a fund raiser by the Rotary Club of Bangalore at the Taj West End, Bangalore April 2014 4. Gulf Connoisseur's awards for the most influential Indians, The Leela, Banglaore

5. 'Felicitation of budding women entrepreneurs' by the Times Foundation.

6. 'SHE' a project for women by Raintree Media Publications, Bangalore

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Recent Curatorial Projects in Los Angeles:

  1. “EnchantedIndia”–curatedbyDeepaSubramanianbGGalleries, Bergamot Station, Nov, 2021

  2. 2. “Intersections” by Mike Saijo, curated by Deepa Subramanian Bergamot Station, May, 2022

  3. PalmSpringsModernismShow-Oct2021

  4. PalmSpringsModernismShow-Feb2022

  5. “Plugged-Unplugged”byLAMarlerNov2022

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