Galerie De'Arts Consultancy

Galerie De'Arts, Los Angeles, CA, founded by Deepa Subramanian is a collaborative team of advisors that curates art and design for global clients. From large scale installations to art for your living room, we consult on all aspects of art collection for an enriching and rewarding experience. Our portfolio of incredible artists globally and our inhouse team of artists help you create customised art work for your space based on your goals and budget.



Galerie De’Arts consultancy was founded by Deepa Subramanian. an Indian American art gallerist based in Los Angeles. She also founded Galerie De’Arts , Bangalore , India in 2009 , an art gallery of Indian contemporary artists. Deepa Subramanian plays an active role in creating a space for cultural practise by bridging the gap in art practises between the East and the West. Deepa Subramanian currently serves as the Arts Commissioner, City of Santa Monica,California and a member of the board of Public Arts Commission, City of Santa Monica. She has curated over 100 significant exhibitions in galleries, museums and alternative spaces since 2009 and worked with pioneering contemporary Masters including Peter A. Lewis Balan Nambiar, Peter A.Lewis,  Jogen Choudhary Yusuf Arakkal, S.G.Vasudev, N.Marishamachar, Appukuttan Achary, Bhaskar Rao, Ramesh Rao, JS Khande Rao, Krishna Setty, Chandranath Acharya, S.Krishnappa, P.S.Kumar, JMS Mani, Jasu Rawal, C.Chandrashekara and more. In Los Angeles, she has curated shows of blue chip artists at galleries and art fairs.